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Century Draco NAK9 AK Pistol 9mm, 33 Mag



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New Century International Draco NAK9 AK Pistol 9mm Now Available for sale at our on line store.

draco nak9 for sale. Sturm, Ruger & Company has unveiled the newest addition to their tactical rifles line, the Draco NAK9 AK Pistol 9mm. The new pistol allows rifle enthusiasts to use their existing Draco NAK9 semiautomatic rifles to shoot 9mm ammunition as well.
We’ve received a lot of requests from customers who wanted to convert their semiautomatic draco nak9 for sale into 9mm pistols or vice versa, said Ruger spokesman Jon Snowman. Now they don’t have to make that decision—they can have both!

Based on the popular Draco AK pistol, Century Arms has introduced a new version of the pistol called the NAK9, which features several upgrades that make it an even more effective 9mm carbine.

After releasing the Draco AK in 5.56mm and 7.62x39mm last year, Century International Arms has announced that they have started shipping the Draco NAK9 pistol in 9mm. The pistol is an update to the original Draco and features a milled receiver with an integral Picatinny rail and all-steel construction on the frame, barrel, bolt, and bolt carrier assembly.

what is draco nak9

The new Draco and draco nak9 for sale are two weapon platforms from Century International Arms. We carry the new century international draco nak9 for sale and draco ak pistol 9mm!

With a Draco you can expect dependable, gas-operated semiautomatic action chambered in 9x19mm or .40S&W with ambidextrous controls and removable barrel. The Draco NAK is currently offered in black finish only, but we’re working on it! Give us a call to reserve your Draco NAK today!

Who makes the Draco NAK9?

The draco nak9 for sale is the newest addition to Century International Arms’s arsenal of firearms. These pistols are designed to be the perfect modern pistol for military and law enforcement personnel, as well as civilian shooters.

The Draco NAK 9 for sale comes in two models: one a classic model that mimics the original gun design from 1945, and one with a tactical rail system which allows the mounting of optics like red dot sights and light attachments.

With superior accuracy and stopping power, this pistol will be your best friend in both competitions or self-defense situations. The Draco gun has everything you’re looking for in a quality firearm without emptying your bank account! In fact, at only $725 you’re getting top quality at an affordable price!

draco nak9 review

draco nak9 for sale
century draco nak9 for sale

It’s time to get on the scene and join your fellow shooters. One of the most talked about and most coveted firearms to hit the market is now available for pre-order.

The Draco AK pistol 9mm, made by Century International Arms, comes in a variety of configurations to fit any shooter’s needs. Shooters are currently able to purchase two different models: one with a threaded barrel and one without.

As well as three different lengths (10.5, 16 or 18). With this level of customization it’s no wonder that this firearm has quickly become so popular! To find out more or place an order, please visit our website today.

What kind of bullets do a Draco Nak9 shoot?

The Draco NAK9 is a semi-automatic pistol that fires the highly popular, accurate and reliable 9×19 Parabellum round. This is the same cartridge fired by the NATO standard issue Glock 17 and makes it a great addition to your arsenal if you’re looking for an additional back up gun or one to keep handy at home.

With a muzzle velocity of 1190fps, 100 yard accuracy of 11 with most ammunition, including steel-cased ammunition and suppressed loads with subsonic bullets, the Draco Nak9 is perfect for home defense or as a backup in military situations.

Drago also produces 9×18 Ultra Compact pistols that work with subsonic rounds and suppressors as well so they can fit into even smaller frames without too much trouble.

Technical Data

The CO2-powered Drako NAK9 is a .22 caliber Airsoft rifle that features a compact design, built-in railed handguard, and full metal outer barrel. At approximately 43 inches in length, the draco nak9 for sale comes with an extendable stock which extends to accommodate users of all sizes.

This modern combat style Airsoft rifle also features an adjustable cheek piece for perfecting your shooting stance and rubberized buttplate for optimal comfort. The rifle includes a red dot optic attachment, providing an easy way to increase accuracy on any terrain you find yourself shooting on.

When it’s time to change up your attachments, the muzzle device thread is 14 mm left-handed so you can easily remove it or add something new like a grenade launcher! And when it’s time to reload your magazine, no worries! That’s what we have back ups for.

Included with the Drako NAK9 are 2x high capacity magazines that provide enough firepower to make sure you never run out again. With this kind of quality engineering at this price point – why wait? Get yours today while supplies last!

Price, Warranty and Availability

The Draco AK-Nak pistol is now available with a black or olive draco nak9 for sale finish and comes with the following features:
-4 barrel length with front sight post, adjustable rear sight for distance, adjustable rifle stock, 30 round mag.
-Built to North American standards by Caspian Arms Company LLC in Elizabethtown, KY.
-Made from milspec steel components and high quality parts.
-Also features an internal extractor (not a nail) which provides faster reloads on semiautomatic fire as well as extraction of empty brass on bolt forward. -Draco ak pistol 9mm also have a safety selector that has 3 positions: S for safe, 1 for single shots and A for full auto firing.

Find this new semi-automatic pistol at our online store.

This pistol is a cut above the rest. Originally designed for law enforcement and military personnel, this pistol offers impressive performance to anyone that wants the best. Here are some of the features we offer:
-Fully ambidextrous controls with magazine release button on both sides of the frame and an enlarged trigger guard for shooting with gloves or large hands.
-Short 4′′ barrel (draco nak9 for sale) length is great for use in confined spaces where space is at a premium, making it a great addition to any tactical gear kit. Short barrels tend to be lighter and have a more compact form factor that make them easier to handle when operating in tight quarters. The shorter length also makes the gun far less likely to snag on clothing while being drawn from concealment.
The draco nak9 for sale’s short barrel also has a greater muzzle velocity than other guns with similar size cartridges due to their increased surface area and shorter distance they must travel before exiting the muzzle; this means faster bullet speed which translates into increased kinetic energy.
For those who plan on carrying their pistol all day long, it may seem like common sense but it’s worth noting that the draco nak9 for sale is significantly lighter than other guns with similar size cartridges because its weight is concentrated near its front end rather than distributed evenly throughout its length, as would be found in most pistols.

Confirm The Best Price Before You Buy

The new century international draco nak9 for sale is a new model of the ever-popular AK family. It’s chambered in 9mm and features many upgrades that were not possible with previous models.

These include threaded barrels, a bolt hold open feature, and picatinny rails for scope mounting and adding accessories. Read more about these features, as well as some reasons why you should buy the Draco today! Draco 9mm Ak Pistol Draco Nak9 Price

century international draco nak9 for sale

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, century international is now offering the Draco Nak9 for sale. They have a draco nak9 for sale and are discounting them by 10%. This revolutionary pistol is designed to be a high performance medium caliber self-loading pistol.
It has been developed from the ground up with safety, comfort, accuracy and dependability in mind. The Draco features an ambidextrous magazine release as well as a reversible slide stop lever that can be switched quickly without tools.
The draco 9mm ak pistol includes standard dovetail sight cuts that allow you to add aftermarket sights of your choice. Additional features include: chrome lined barrel, fully supported ramp style extractor, throated striker channel, threaded muzzle, lanyard eyelet and polymer grip panels on both sides of the frame.
The Draco is available in either black or flat dark earth (tan) finish only at this time but will soon also be available in OD green and coyote brown as well.

Is the Draco Nak9 a good gun

There are a lot of guns on the market, and it can be hard to know what is a good buy. The draco nak9 for sale is one that may be worth considering for your own protection. There are many features about this gun that make it well worth the cost:
* It’s durable enough to withstand years of use * It doesn’t need frequent cleaning or costly upkeep * Tension device helps provide custom fit to any shooter without tools * Ease of shooting provides accuracy even in less than ideal conditions.
For these reasons, the Draco Nak9 pistol is an excellent option for anyone looking for a dependable and accurate firearm.

Available Accessories for The DrACO Nak9 

Draco nak9 for sale with black sport palm grip and silver sport trigger. Compatible with popular high capacity magazines: 30-round, 60-round, 100-round and the 200-round drum mag (1020 rounds available) for less expensive ammo. Comes in blue, orange, red or white for more personalization.

The DrACO Nak9 by Century Arms is an assault rifle that comes with a black sport palm grip and silver sport trigger. If you’re looking for a gun that will allow you to shoot as many rounds as possible without having to reload it after every shot, then this is your weapon of choice.

There are also many accessories such as Draco nak9 for sale compatible with popular high capacity magazines such as 30-round, 60-round, 100-round and the 200-round drum magazine (1020 rounds available). The draco nak9 for sale comes in blue, orange, red or white so there’s always one that matches your style!

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In today’s world of armed conflict, we realize the importance of keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe from harm. With a myriad of threats out there – from terrorists to gang violence – it can be hard to know how best to arm oneself. Thankfully, times have changed, and those who are passionate about self-defense have a lot more options. One weapon that has recently gained popularity is the draco nak9 for sale in caliber 9 mm.
Draco nak9 for sale is not just an eye-catching weapon; this semi-automatic pistol is also highly effective as well as easy to use. For shooters with limited or no shooting experience, this gun will feel right at home in their hands thanks to its ergonomic design and soft rubber grip. The magazines have 15 rounds capacity each, so reloading should rarely be necessary. The pistol’s lightweight construction makes it easy to carry around all day without becoming too weighed down, which is perfect for both men and women alike.
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Draco NAK9 for sale AK Pistol 9mm, 33 Mag

Built in Romania the DRACO NAK9 is chambered for 9mm Luger, features a Picatinny optics rail on the hinged dust cover, and includes a 33-round magazine

The Draco NAK9 highlights a stepped recipient with a Picatinny optics rail, 1/2-28mm RH strings, wood forend, and back sling mount. It acknowledges Glock 17 and 19 mags and is similarity with an AKM handguard. This model has a dark completion, 11.14″ barrel, and accompanies one 33-round magazine.

See our full blog entry here

Classification : Specialty

Type : AK Pistol

Activity : Semi-Automatic

Type : 9mm Luger

Barrel Length : 11.14″

Limit : 33+1

Holds : Black Polymer

Sights : Iron

Weight : 6.38 lbs

Metal Finish : Black


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