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Century Arms RAS47 AK-47 Semi-Automatic Rifle


The Century Arms Red Army Standard (Century Arms RAS47) is 100% American-made featuring a 16″ Chrome-moly 4150 nitrade treated barrel and is the first AK side scope rail mount to offer a return to zero capability. Offers four times clamping improvement over traditional side scope rail mounts and improves sight acquisition for follow-up shots.


The Century Arms RAS47 is the perfect semi-automatic AK-47 for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable firearm.

Anyone who’s into guns will tell you that the AK-47 is a very popular weapon, and it’s not hard to see why. This semi-automatic rifle was first used by the Soviet Union in World War II and is renowned for its quality and accuracy.

The AK-47 is also popular because of its low cost, which makes it an affordable option for enthusiasts looking to purchase their first gun or an affordable sidekick to your main firearm.

However, there are thousands of AK-47s available on the market today, so how do you know which one to choose?

What is an AK-47?

AK-47’s are military grade rifles, usually assault rifles, produced by Russia in 1947. Originally designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, these weapons have become one of the most widely used firearms in history because they are highly efficient and inexpensive.

The Century Arms RAS47 AK-47 Semi-Automatic rifle provides all the utility of an assault rifle with its great pricing – between $629-$739! With four variants to choose from, there is a Century Arms RAS47 AK-47 Semi-Automatic rifle that will meet your needs no matter what you’re looking for: A chambered in 7.62x39mm to give you versatility on the range or at home; or the .223 Remington to protect your family against small predators like coyotes or foxes; or even our recently added .300 Blackout model so you can enjoy some low recoil, high velocity fun.

Why Get Century Arms RAS47 AK-47?

When it comes to reliability, durability, affordability, ease of use, and accuracy–the Century Arms RAS47 has all of that and more. In fact, there are three variants of this type rifle: A standard model chambered in 7.62x39mm Soviet caliber which fires 400 rounds per minute out to approximately 200 yards.

An intermediate model with a wood foregrip chambered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO caliber firing 800 rounds per minute up to 300 yards; lastly there’s a ‘Navy’ version with an integrated folding wire stock suitable for military or law enforcement personnel firing 650 rounds per minute out to 175 yards.

How Good Is the Quality of Century Arms RAS47?

I first became interested in the Century Arms RAS47 after reading about it on Gun News Daily. The people there who had experience with it rated it favorably, which made me think that I should take some time to review my own impressions of it from using one at an indoor shooting range in Washington state just before Christmas.
Century Arms says that their guns are designed to be simple, rugged, and complete, which seems about right for the few weeks I spent with mine.
I was immediately impressed by how sleek, light, and easy-to-carry this rifle felt – which is important when you’re walking around with an AK-47 inside a secure area where guns are tightly restricted!
The Century Arms RAS47 was also easy to operate and even easier to clean, which made it my favorite of all three models that I tried out on my trip – though there were some other models that I really liked, too!

Who makes Century Arms AK-47?

Established in 1973, Century Arms, Incorporated was originally called Navegar, Incorporated, an importer of surplus firearms parts. The company was founded by John Olin, who would later serve as CEO of the Olin Corporation (of which he had been president since 1979).
In 1982 he left Navegar to focus on his presidency at Olin Corporation; he remained president of Navegar until it was renamed as Olin Industries in 1986. In 1985, following the passage of the McClure-Volkmer Act, they registered with ATF as an importer of foreign made firearms.
In 1988 they were purchased by Michael Linder, chairman and chief executive officer of Herstal Group, a Belgian arms maker. The company was then moved from New York City to Herstal in Belgium where their production facilities are located today.

When you’re shopping for an AK-47, reliability should be your top priority. You want something that will last you years without any problems, and the Century Arms RAS47 might just fit that bill perfectly. Built by Century Arms, it’s constructed out of hardwood so it won’t snap in two when you drop it like many others on the market today are liable to do from time to time.

Plus, since it’s made from wood, it weighs about six pounds which means that carrying this rifle over long distances won’t wear you down as quickly as other brands on the market might–especially if you live somewhere where rifles are needed in self defense situations or worse.

The Century Arms RAS47 is made with hardwood, meaning it’s more resilient than other models you might come across in your search. It also features sling swivels so that you can tie it on to your shoulder or back if need be when carrying over long distances.
If you’re worried about weight, don’t be—the rifle weighs around six pounds which means it’s actually lighter than some other brands out there, making it ideal for taking on hikes into remote areas without wearing yourself down too quickly as time passes.

What does RAS47 stand for?

The RAS stands for Rail Adaptive System, meaning that this rifle can be used with any optic as well as any top rail accessory. The only drawback is that there is no flip up front sight available to switch out with your optic once zeroed in; it must be removed when you need to fire without an optic on top of the rifle, which can be inconvenient at times.

The 47 signifies its production year; this particular one was manufactured in 2014 with Bulgarian parts and materials using U.S.-made barrels and receivers which are made with more modern machinery than those of previous years’ models, making it one of the most advanced AK-47s around!

When I heard about the brand new Century Arms RAS47 AK-47, I had to see it in person! After seeing it at my local gun shop, I knew that this was the perfect entry level gun for me. When you first hold it, you can tell how incredibly lightweight and rugged it is–you really get your money’s worth when you purchase this model from Century Arms.

You won’t find any rough edges or exposed metal on this rifle either! The inside of the stock has been sanded down so nicely that all of the surfaces feel incredible on your hands. That being said, don’t worry if there are any scuffs because they’re barely noticeable.

If you want to grab your own Century Arms RAS47 but don’t know where to start, here are some of my top tips: – First of all, make sure you find one that fits your needs! While it’s tempting to go with anything, don’t forget that there are several different models available at different price points.

If you have more money to spend, consider going with an imported model from Bulgaria or Romania because they have slightly better quality control than domestically made guns in my opinion.

How Much Does it Cost?

What does it cost? This is one of the first questions someone has when thinking about purchasing an assault rifle. The cost varies based on where you purchase it from, which model of gun you buy, accessories that come with it, etc. One example would be the Century Arms RAS47 Semi-Automatic Russian Military Rifle that ranges in price from $699 to $799 depending on what finish you want (parkerized steel or matte black).

A few different factors that may change your pricing are: whether you live in a state that requires permits, if you want to upgrade your rifle with add-ons such as bayonet lugs or picatinny rails, ammunition costs per round (.223 caliber rounds), and what discounts are offered by Century arms at the time of purchase.

Accessories for Century Arms RAS47

The Century Arms RAS47 comes with accessories that you can use to make your rifle stand out from the rest. Here are some of our favorites: -Thermold handguard -M4 buttstock -Magpul MOE trigger guard -UTG PRO rear sight (1-4×24) There are many other options, too! What do you think about buying a Century Arms RAS47?

Century Arms RAS47 7.62X39mm AK-47 Semi-Automatic 30rd 16.5″ Rifle

Features of Century Arms RAS47:

  • 1:10 twist
  • Concentric LH 14×1 metric thread and ready for a variety of muzzle attachments
  • Chrome moly 4150 nitride treated barrel
  • 1/16″ stamped 4140 steel nitride treated receiver
  • RAK-1 Enhanced Trigger Group
  • Larger T-shaped magazine catch
  • Compatibility with AKM furniture
  • Standard AKM sights
  • AK Side Scope Rail Mount
  • Retaining Plate
  • Bolt hold-open notch on safety selector
  • Slant Brake
  • Accepts all standard AK mags
  • Includes (1) 30 rd. magazine


More Information
SKU 207630042
UPC 787450381438
BRAND Century International Arms
CALIBER 7.62x39mm
LENGTH 37.25″
WEIGHT 7.55 lbs.
SIGHTS Standard AKM sights
GRIP Standard
TRIGGER Standard
FINISH Black Nitride
MSRP (STATIC) 740.00


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